Why should I use silicone hoses?

Silicone hoses withstand much higher temperatures and operating pressures than any other plastic material. Furthermore, they change and improve their appearance, and hence the vehicle.


These products are highly recommendable for the preparation of tuned engines and for the extension of the life span of the refrigerator circuit.

How do I find the kits?

Enter the model and brand of the car or motorcycle in the search box to see if the kit desired is available.

How do I contact the distributors?

VenairSport will provide the email address and telephone number of the distributor. In this way, you can place your order or inquiry directly to the distributor. 

There is no distributor in my country, what do I do?

If this is the case, please contact Venair’s delegation or central office in your country.

Can I buy directly from Venair?

The simple answer is no. You have to provide your address or postal code in order to place an order.

How do I place an order?

All you have to do is enter your address or postal code here (link), and then you will be redirected to a distributor close to your area, whom you can contact in order to receive the kit. 


In order to obtain proper functioning of the pieces, it is very important, during assembly and use, that the hoses are not in direct contact with aggressive products such as fuel, battery acid, brake fluid and power steering, among others. If the silicone pieces are in continuous contact with some of these elements, it can cause damage immediately.

The hoses can withstand small oil stains as long as regular maintenance is carried out. This maintenance consists in cleaning the pieces with hot soapy water and always avoiding aggressive agents, as they will deteriorate the silicone’s appearance as well as its natural shine.

How do I measure the length of an elbow?

Elbow length is measured from the point (vertex) at which the imaginary lines cross to the end of the elbow’s legs.


How do I measure the diameter of the hose?

The size of the diameter in the list corresponds to the internal diameter of the hose.


Which colors are available?

All kits are available in four standard colors: Blue, red, yellow and black.

It is possible to manufacture other colors for the products and marking upon request. If you place a personal order of kits or pieces, the conditions of time and price may vary.


How can I become a distributor?

In order to become part of VenairSport’s distribution network, please fill out this form (link) with the information requested and Venair will contact you as soon as possible.