Venair Sport, a division of Venair Group, manufactures and develops flexible silicone kits for the entire motor industry. Venair Sport is considered Europe’s leading manufacturer of motorsport quality performance silicone hoses, which are used all over the world in F1 and various world rallies.

Venair Sport provides different kits for motors, e.g. cooling systems and turbo charger, where only the best raw silicon materials are used. This means that the risk of component failure is reduced, as well as it enables higher temperature and work pressure. The hoses of Venair Sports are characterized by their high quality. All hoses are designed with a high gloss finish and are available in different colors upon request.

About Venair Group: Venair is an international leader in engineering and manufacturing silicone hoses intended for the most demanding sectors such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and aerospace.

The company is known for its innovation and for its ability to deliver customer specific solutions in a short period of time. Headquartered in Switzerland, Venair Group has a presence in over 65 countries worldwide through its network of international sales offices and manufacturing facilities in Spain, China and Vietnam.